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Working from a Place of Rest

FieldPartner was proud to host this event with Tony Horsfall. ‘Working From a Place of Rest’ asked the important question:

How can we joyfully sustain ministry over the long haul of life?

The biggest mistake we can make in ministry is to try and work for God rather than work with God. Jesus himself shows us by his example how we can work in partnership with the Father.

From John 4, and the story of Jesus and the Samaritan woman Tony shared how:

  • Jesus was sitting by the well, apparently doing nothing
  • Everything that happens (meeting the woman, and a mini-revival in Sychar) happens because Jesus was doing nothing
  • We too can learn to work and minister from a place of rest, as Jesus did

This presentation was drawn from Tony’s book of the same name, which you can buy here.

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About Tony

Tony served as a missionary with OMF in East Malaysia, and later headed up EQUIP, a missions training programme based in England. For a number of years, he was Pastoral Carer for MAF, visiting their teams in Africa on a regular basis. Tony has a God-given passion to help those in Christian service sustain themselves over the long haul of ministry. He is an author, retreat leader, mentor and friend. He has written ‘Working From a Place of Rest’ and ‘Rhythms of Grace’.

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