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Interview with Henry & Betsy

Henry and Betsy are key partners with us in FieldPartner. In this interview they share their experiences of coming to Christ after being married and in business for fourteen years, and how they then felt called to bring the gospel to unreached people after hearing just how many places the gospel has yet to go to. They share their experiences of mission in Mozambique and their observation that many simply did not make it on the field because of 5 specific lacks (watch the interview to find out what those were!) Ultimately it was the pain of seeing folk leave discouraged time and again that led to them getting involved with missions training and setting up their training platform Didasko online. Their courses are also free to do – but their methodology is different. Go to their site to check them out.

Check out the Didasko Website

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If you’re interested in unreached people groups, check out this video on our channel by Walt Chen:

Listen to this interview as a podcast – available on all major platforms – visit our podcast page.

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