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Explore & EnVision & Intercultural Coaching

All Nations Christian College is a world-renowned mission training college. They are currently offering two courses which we would highly recommend, especially as a helpful next step for those who have already completed our free courses.


Our own course, Crossing Cultures 101 is only intended as an overview and introduction to cross-cultural training. It is available free and accessible wherever there is an internet connection! But with limited time and resources, we are only able to cover a certain amount. If you are seriously hoping to work cross-culturally, you would do well to get some more in-depth training, and that is where we would recommend the Explore course from All Nations . This thirteen-week online program is designed for those heading towards cross-cultural mission service who require training but require some flexibility in their studies.

What is it?

It consists of four three-week modules covering the following topics

  1. Who Am I?
  2. What is Mission?
  3. Culture and Living in the Community
  4. Integral Mission.

The course will provide you with a biblical foundation for your life and ministry. Examining the issues of effective teamwork and how to develop and maintain healthy relationships will also be studied. You will gain a deeper understanding of culture, current trends in mission and the effects of transition, enabling you to relate and integrate more easily across cultures.

The course material is delivered through a repeating weekly pattern of 3-5 online lessons and a forum discussion that you contribute to by the middle of each week. You will develop a sense of community and deepen your learning through commenting on each other’s ‘posts’. Answers to questions asked in the lessons are recorded in a downloadable weekly workbook. You will be assigned a personal online tutor who will comment on your workbooks and journey with you. You will meet as a group 2-3 times during the course via Zoom to share and encourage one another.

It runs three times annually following the academic terms, with the next one beginning in September. It costs £649 per person.

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Alternatively, you may be staying put, but keen to see how your church or organisation can be a part of God’s mission. In that case, we recommend EnVision Virtual. It is a four-session group study resource designed for churches and organisations that uses video, discussion, online materials, personal reflection and optional activities to help people understand more about God’s mission. The sessions are facilitated by a designated member of your group.

What is included in the programme?

There are four sessions:

What is mission?

  • The Biblical basis of mission
  • Definitions of mission
  • Current trends in mission

What is culture?

  • What is culture?
  • What are values?
  • Building cultural awareness

What is cross-cultural mission?

  • Seven ways to initiate cross-cultural friendships
  • Cultural considerations when sharing the Gospel

What are the next steps?

  • How to get more involved in mission
  • What are we already doing?
  • What do we want to do next?

How is it done?

The four sessions can be run:

  • as a series of weekly meetings
  • all in one weekend

Or whatever way works best for your group!


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