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Great Lakes Outreach

Our purpose is to empower and equip strategic leaders and ministries to transform Burundi and beyond.

Great Lakes Outreach (GLO) works with visionary local leaders to transform Burundi through education, sport, business, healthcare and more, bringing hope to thousands of the most vulnerable. We identify, equip and empower the best local leaders of passion, integrity, gifting and vision for the transformation of the nation. GLO has identified a network of exceptional Christian leaders in Burundi now representing over ten projects. We help these partners to develop, enabling them to build their increasing self-sufficiency. The results are exciting and encouraging despite Burundi’s many challenges.

Watch our interview with GLO founder Simon Guillebaud.

Get in touch via their website to discuss opportunities to be involved with Burundi.

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Watch Christine’s Interview with GLO founder Simon Guillebaud for his incredible story which led to the inception of Great Lakes Outreach.

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