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Crossing Cultures Together
We are an online community dedicated to taking the Gospel across cultures effectively.

We offer community, courses and resources to equip you for success, whatever your stage of the journey.
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“All the believers were one
in heart and mind.” Acts 4:32

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Our Courses

Our courses are created by experienced fieldworkers who want to offer what they have learned (sometimes the hard way!) to anybody with a heart to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. You can take a course at your own pace, or you might want to join a cohort and learn with others for a deeper experience.

Know Thyself

This course explores the concept of understanding ourselves within the context of our own cultures. Before delving into how we adapt to other cultures, it is crucial to recognize the barriers and obstacles we inadvertently create for ourselves.

Thriving Across Borders

This course covers the major transitions that someone will make when crossing cultures. We delve into the typical transition points for people working in mission and provide insights and tips for adapting well at each stage to enable you to thrive cross-culturally.

The Antioch Factor

Ross Paterson presents a stark choice that no Christian or church can avoid making – whether we become a Jerusalem church or Antioch Church. Ross unpacks what that means and its critical importance from the events of the early church in Acts. Why did Paul find Jesus in Damascus, not in Jerusalem? Why was Paul sent out with Barnabas from Antioch, not from Jerusalem?
Our Theology

“Go, send or disobey.” John Piper

We’ve all got a role to play in taking the Gospel to the nations! But a strong walk with God is essential, or we will struggle to stand firm as we encounter challenges.

Discover Biblical teaching through the lens of cross-cultural mission

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